Vermont Painting Residency

This is a good opportunity for me to paint. Away from responsibilities at home, and away from work and wonderful clients. I'm here to focus on PAINTING! A note for NEW blog viewers: if you'd like to read chronologically, begin with the posting at the bottom. The most recent postings are at the top. Additionally, one can double-click on most images to enlarge for more detail.

Friday, June 09, 2006

'Jail Break'

Yep, this is an odd expression, but this is what my artist girlfriends named our adventure during our last week at VSC. There we had a healthy diet of fresh vegetables, whole grain bread and salads so we all had the urge to gorge ourselves on pizza and sugary desserts...and maybe a martini.

In order to feel like we had officially escaped, we traveled to the town of Stowe about 30 minutes away. Of course the proper place for ‘jail break’ artists to have pizza was a restaurant called Pie-casso (get it?). Many thanks to our patient waiter Ray. Hopefully he will read the rest of this blog and be able to explain to the Piecasso staff about their rowdy patrons. Ray explained that our voices carried and stirred a bit of curiosity back in the kitchen.

His announcement encourages our story to be spun into something more extravagant. So now we have recently escaped from a women’s prison…of course I’m the outside accomplice providing hacksaw (hidden in one of Roger's cakes, of course) and a getaway car. My reward is a watermelon martini. The following are a few photos from our escapade.