Vermont Painting Residency

This is a good opportunity for me to paint. Away from responsibilities at home, and away from work and wonderful clients. I'm here to focus on PAINTING! A note for NEW blog viewers: if you'd like to read chronologically, begin with the posting at the bottom. The most recent postings are at the top. Additionally, one can double-click on most images to enlarge for more detail.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Settling In

I've now had a couple of days to settle-in. I am learning more about my immediate surroundings and meeting other painters along with a few writers and sculptors (approx 50+ people). Most have a similar need...a retreat where you can immerse yourself in your creative instruction, just a suitable place to work and plenty of time. The Vermont Studio Center also provides the resource of 5 visiting artists each month who are available to critique the work of those at the center.

Everyone is friendly. A 'stretch', since most artists tend to work reclusively. There is a wide range of ages, but predominately grad school age. A challenge to remember all the names.

Lodging is simple and frills. My house is called 'Pearl' at left. Meals are low on meat and high in vegetables. I could live off of the fresh baked homemade bread and the sweet Vermont butter. Roger would stave here except there's a Chinese take-out place only a block from the Mill.

We work in various buildings around Johnson. Most studios are in buildings converted from a previous studio is in the old gymasium. The photo at right shows the 'Gym'...white building on this side. You can also see just the front roof peak of 'Pearl' across the street and the last as one is going down the road. BTW further down this road is Johnson College.

All VSC buildings are within close walking distance to one another with the Red Mill being the hub and place we meet 3 times per day for meals.

No artist center would be complete without a Yoga studio...also within a block to everything. I decided that I'd try a class this afternoon. I didn't do too bad considering it was my first time. It was more strenuous than I thought it would be. I'm sure I'll be sore in a day or so...but it is very good for you!

Next door to the Mill, across the street from 'the Gym' and behind the Yoga studio is a small, but well-stocked art supply store. The woman who owns the store already recognizes me...maybe she sees $$$. If only there was a cool plant shop behind the art store, I'd be in heaven.