Vermont Painting Residency

This is a good opportunity for me to paint. Away from responsibilities at home, and away from work and wonderful clients. I'm here to focus on PAINTING! A note for NEW blog viewers: if you'd like to read chronologically, begin with the posting at the bottom. The most recent postings are at the top. Additionally, one can double-click on most images to enlarge for more detail.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Saw the sun today.

For the first time since I've been here, the sun came out today. It happened just after lunch and stayed out for about 3 hours. It is raining now. The photo at left is of the main street in Johnson. The white churchlike building is another painting studio called 'Church' and the red brick building is a bookstore. The Chinese take-out restaurant is just out of the left side of the photo (behind the flag)...after Roger reads this I'd bet he calls in an order of Sweet and Sour Chicken wherever he is.

I have been working on small, but more serious paintings. I am happy with the results and my progress at this stage. This setup is excellent for the way that I tend to work. I get to the studio after breakfast, work as much as I can until lunch. I help Louise in the gardens for a couple of hours (part of my work-study grant). And return to work in the studio for about 3 hours until supper. I work for another hour or more in the evening.

This evening we went to the Lecture Hall (another converted church, photo below) and saw slides of 6 fellow artists' work. Maybe it was the church setting, or the 2 hours of weeding in the gardens, or most likely the second helping of bread at dinner...something caused me to nodd-off during the presentations...I hope the art god wasn't watching me.