Vermont Painting Residency

This is a good opportunity for me to paint. Away from responsibilities at home, and away from work and wonderful clients. I'm here to focus on PAINTING! A note for NEW blog viewers: if you'd like to read chronologically, begin with the posting at the bottom. The most recent postings are at the top. Additionally, one can double-click on most images to enlarge for more detail.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Dining Hall, Studio and friends

My sister, Donna, asked me to post photos of our Dining Hall at VSC. Hi Donna, hope this will do. The Dining Hall is in the Red Mill building (see photo from early blog posting).

These are my artist friends, Elizabeth and Erin. Elizabeth has on her sunglasses because we had a sunny day when this photo was taken. The following photos are of my studio and a sample of some of the paintings that I've completed while I have been here.

One can double-click on the image to see more detail.

The photo at below and right is of my artist friends, Stephanie and Jet. They are in the gallery lounge adjacent to the Dining Hall. Look above and left (behind the dried grass) and you will see my painting on-display.

Roger came for a visit last week and I picked him up in Burlington. We sat outside and had a hamburger at a restaurant with a dock along Lake Champlain. We saw a ship full of sightseers and Roger took this photo below.